If They Follow Him at All, It’s Only Out of Morbid Curiosity-Jay Niblick, Founder/CEO – Innermetrix Inc.

A few weeks ago I was talking with the owner of a manufacturing company. As this owner described his woes to me about how they were struggling with poor leadership skills, he described the performance of some of his leaders by saying, “With some of our managers,if our employees follow them at all, it’s only out of morbid curiosity.”

The lack of leadership abilities, an inability to engender respect and overall poor performance was killing his profits. Unfortunately, while his way of describing his leaders was a novel one (i.e., morbid curiosity), the existence of poor leadership is anything but a novelty.

As a business consultant for the past 15 years I’ve witnessed more ineffective leadership examples than I care to remember. And nothing impacts the overall health of the organization more negatively than bad leadership!

In all those years, however, I’ve also noticed a significant trend among companies that do not suffer from poor leadership issues. Over and over again those leaders who do elicit the best from their direct reports, who achieve higher performance objectives, who have lower turnover and who’s companies grow more, all share some basic natural talents for leadership. They all share competencies that the under-performing leaders simply do not possess.

The most commonly occurring of these competencies are:

  • Envision an Outcome – The ability to clearly envision a strategic outcome, think conceptually and see the big-picture.
  • Understand Others – Often called “Emotional Intelligence” this is the ability to accurately understand those being lead.
  • Inspire Others – Bringing understanding of the strategic vision and emotional intelligence together to effectively communicate that   vision and achieve buy in.
  • Understand Themselves – One of the most overlooked traits, this is the ability to objectively understand one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

While many assume these are traits that can be taught, or acquired, in reality research has proven that for the most part they are based on a person’s natural behavioral style and personality; and such things aren’t something one just changes by reading a book or training.

Most organizations struggle so because they fail to measure these talents (or the lack thereof) These traits remain intangible and therefore, since we can’t see them, we can’t manage them and they don’t get factored into the leadership equation.

There’s an old quote that goes, “Hire for hard skills – fire for soft skills.”  Basically, this means that we often hire people based on the tangible hard skills we can see (e.g., experience, resume/CV, education, etc.). Conversely, we often have to fire people because they do not possess the intangible soft traits that so significantly drive performance as a leader.

The best performing companies, however, do the best job of measuring and understanding these traits (and others). They do a much better job of making these intangible tangible, visible and quantified, and use this knowledge in hiring and developmental scenarios. The results: human turnover goes down, productivity goes up, sick-leave goes down, theft goes down and overall profitability increases.

So as not to be one to tell you what to do, then leave you alone to figure out how to do it, I’m including a link with this article that will allow you to complete a free talent profile that will measure these natural leadership talents.

Whether it’s yourself as a leader and you’re seeking to understand where your greatest strengths and weaknesses may lie, of a leader who reports to you that you’re hoping to help; this profile will help make tangible those key traits.

To complete this free online profile, simply click on the link below. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete, is completely confidential and your results will be emailed back to you alone (then destroyed).

Complete Your Leadership Talents Profile Here


6 thoughts on “If They Follow Him at All, It’s Only Out of Morbid Curiosity-Jay Niblick, Founder/CEO – Innermetrix Inc.

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