Purchasing Should be viewed as its own Profit Center! – D W Purchasing

A company’s Purchasing Department should be its own Profit Center. Is yours contributing to your company’s bottom line, in a positive manner ?

If your company’s net profit margin is 10%, $10,000 in savings generated by your company’s Purchasing Department has the same contribution to your bottom line as an additional one hundred thousand dollars in sales. It’s true. I can improve the performance of your Purchasing Department so that they are making this kind of impact on your BOTTOM LINE – by being more effective at what they do every day. Especially in today’s economy, when additional sales and market share are so hard to come by, you can’t afford to have a Purchasing Department that is staffed by “paper pushers” and “order placers.”

I have spent over a decade helping companies that i worked with improve their Purchasing functions so that they contribute savings to the bottom line.


Would like your views & comments on this….


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