How ” Brick & Mortar Retailers” can Win the “OMNI-CHANNEL” battle | Motorola Solutions | Retail Leadership Series

Forward-looking retailers Today, are using wireless mobile technology to integrate the dueling worlds of in-store and online shopping, communications & sales.

” More than 80% of brick-and-mortar retailers will have wireless networks available in their stores by 2017.” (Source: Motorola Solutions’ “Annual Holiday Shopping Survey Results,” December 2011).


1 ) Omni-Channel sales are about SERVICE, not SELLING – 

One key is making certain that your sales associates have as much, if not more, information about your products as the customer has.

” Building stronger Customer Relationships “. Over half of brick-and-mortar retailers see improvement of customer service as a primary driver of technology investment.

2 ) Leveraging Customer-Focused Interactive Applications (Apps) – 

” Checkout gets Personal “. Within 5 years, retailers expect more than half of all customer transactions will be completed using self-checkout on mobile devices.

3 ) Gaining Insights from Omni-Channel analytics – 

The more you and your employees know about your customers, the more you’ll be able to provide more personal, more satisfying customer experiences.

” Friending is Trending “. By 2017, more than half of retailers plan to make use of psycho-graphic metrics using social network data.

4 ) Managing the Omni-Channel Supply-Chain – 

” Delivery Differentiation “. Amazon and other e-tailers are investing in the capability of offering same-day delivery for customers in urban areas.

5 ) Breaking Down the silos between In-Store & Online – 

Brand experiences that may not be consistent across all channels can lead to customer confusion, dissatisfaction and loss of business.

” So Long, Silos “. More than half of brick-and-mortar retailers believe that integrating e-commerce and in-store experiences, and the integration of multiple retail systems, will be important over the next FIVE years.

OMNI-CHANNEL becomes OMNIPRESENT – For a growing number of in-store retailers, the online/omni-channel battle is over. Today’s forward-thinking, in-store retailers have decided to embrace the omni-channel retailing model and adapt it to their own needs.

They’re using the empowering, technology-driven customer service enhancements and operations benefits of omni-channel to drive revenues by doing what successful brick-and-mortar retailers have always done: give the customers what they want.


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