“Guerrilla Marketer’s Guide”, to Understanding ‘Online Marketing Tools’ | by: Damien Acheson | LivePerson

The number of tools available to online marketers today is daunting, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. For ” Guerrilla Marketers “ —who strive for a more personalized, one-to-one experience while operating within the confines of limited time, money, and resources—the challenge can be even more complex.

” What tools should the Guerrilla Marketer, use to drive results through his digital channels ? ” 

What Is Guerrilla Marketing? Guerrilla Marketing Photo

To help online business managers make more informed decisions, this paper explains and evaluates a variety of software solution types, and the suitability of each as a guerrilla marketing tool. We will delineate the criteria that should be considered, and evaluate each product type against these criteria.


As the guerrilla marketer will be focused on high-impact, low-cost, and short time-to-value, we will be evaluating categories of marketing tools on :

  • Site traffic. How effective are the tools in driving traffic to your site ?
  • Intelligence. How well do they understand who the customer is on the website ?
  • Execution. Can they act upon the gathered intelligence, impact the customer experience, and drive results ?
  • Customer experience. This is a qualitative assessment of how the tools impact the customer—for example, how elegantly is content is delivered? How well does the customer’s experience match his or her intent? How timely is the communication? Collectively, these and similar factors will determine the degree of impact.
  • Results measurement. How accurately and how easily can they measure the direct results they deliver ?
  • Ease of use. Can the tools be readily used and managed by the guerrilla marketer himself, without relying on IT, Data Analysts, OR other resources ?
  • Integration. Do the tools work  seamlessly with other existing tools and information systems? Is any complicated or expensive integration work required ?
  • Time-to-value. How quickly can they drive measurable results ?


  • Web analytics tools.
  • Testing and usability tools. 
  • SEM / Bid-management tools. 
  • Content management systems. 
  • Behavioral targeting tools. 
  • Marketing automation tools. 
  • E-commerce platforms. 
  • Social marketing tools.


It should first be noted that there is no “one size fits all” answer—every organization should consider which evaluation criteria are most important to their specific needs.  However, while each type of tool examined has its strengths and weaknesses, the guerrilla marketer would typically allocate his or her resources to the tools that offer superior intelligence, high customer impact, and short time-to-value.

(Note: the original writer of this content is Damien Acheson, the link to the original document which can be accessed via the LivePerson corporate blog : https://www.liveperson.com/connected-customer/posts/online-marketing-tools-guerrilla-marketer ).


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