Health-Club Operators Beware “Refurb’s 7 Deadly Assumptions” | by: Rory McGown | GYMetrix

GYMetrix has now proved, with hard data,” 7 – Assumptions” many operators use when refurbishing gyms are False ! – ‘Not Fit For Purpose’. 

LA Fitness Weight Machines

1) Equipment Suppliers know what equipment, and in what quantities customers want. They don’t-customers do ! 

When Tesco restocks its shelves it uses information on what customers are buying, restocking more of the popular products so there aren’t shortages, and less of the unpopular products so there isn’t waste. Tesco doesn’t ask their suppliers what they should stock and in what quantities – Why do operators in the fitness industry ?

(Matrix & Life Fitness, are now partnering with GYMetrix to ensure their clients accurately match their equipment capacity with their customers demand.) 

2) There is a ‘one size fits all’ Ideal equipment ratio model. There isn’t one ! 

Each gym has a unique demand pattern. It is produced by the interaction of all of the different influences on Customers, Instructors, Available Equipment, and the layout of the gym floor – the gyms Ecosystem. These influences are different in each gym, producing a unique equipment demand pattern for each gym.

3) The demographics of the population surrounding a gym accurately determine the equipment requirement. They Don’t ! 

GYMetrix has now completed many studies for operators with gyms close to each other and the surrounding demographics being virtually identical. We have found no link between demographics surrounding a gym and its equipment requirements.

4) Refurbishing gyms according to the “Male:Female” membership base. Gym-Floors have more males than females in peak. 

Many women join a gym mainly to use classes; this means that for most gyms, in peak, the gym floor is majority male, unlike the membership base. It has resulted in many men being frustrated by shortages of the equipment they want to use with, across the industry, lower customer satisfaction scores than women.

5) Experienced operators or Instructors “Gut Feel” for equipment requirements is accurate. It isn’t customer equipment usage data is ! 

Sure operators and instructors can observe certain areas are busy and others quiet but their ability to quantify the equipment requirements for these areas, without hard data, have proved to be inaccurate and costly. The lack of objective equipment MEASUREMENT and REVIEW has led to a false confidence in this regard.

6) Experienced operators and Instructors know what equipment is best for customers. 

This may be true, but there is a big difference between what customers ‘should’ want and what they ‘actually’ want. Accurate MEASUREMENT and REVIEW is necessary to identify where instructor intervention is necessary to align the two.

7) Because functional training is the next big trend if operators create space and buy the equipment it will get used. No it won’t ! 

A lot of systematic education is required to create customer demand for functional kit.


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