Health-Clubs Make ‘Green’ Choices, Save Money | Club Solutions

This week, Snap Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness announced plans to open clubs with a more environmentally friendly focus.

Snap Fitness announced that it has partnered with PRUF LED, a company based in Robinson, Texas, and plans to convert Snap Fitness clubs across the U.S. to PRUF LED’s more energy-efficient lighting sources.

According to Peter Taunton, the CEO and founder of Snap Fitness, PRUF LED lighting consumes an average of 50 percent less energy than traditional lighting, and the Snap Fitness’ already converted to PRUF have seen a savings of 30 percent off their monthly electric bills.

“ We did our due diligence in order to find the provider with the highest quality product, best customer service, and who made the most sense financially for our franchise owners,” explained Taunton. “In the end, PRUF LED led the way in all three of these categories, which made them the right choice for this initiative.”

Snap Fitness has had 100 clubs install PRUF LED lights, and according to Taunton, it’s Snap Fitness’ goal to have 500 clubs converted to PRUF lighting by the end of 2013.

Photo courtesy of 24 Hour Fitness.

24 Hour Fitness announced the grand opening of a new eco-conscious club in Walnut Creek, Calif., which opened on January 26, 2013. According to 24 Hour Fitness, the Walnut Creek club’s eco-friendly features include high-efficiency appliances and fixtures that improve air quality and conserve water and energy. In addition, the club is easily accessible by bike or bus.

“ In designing this club, we wanted to make sure that our presence in the Walnut Creek community was both environmentally responsible and aligned with the city’s efforts surrounding sustainability,” said Jim McPhail, the executive vice president and chief development officer for 24 Hour Fitness, in a press release.

The Walnut Creek club’s green focus is part of the Walnut Creek City Council’s Climate Action Plan (CAC) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to McPhail, more 24 Hour Fitness clubs could see eco-conscious in-corporations. “We look forward to incorporating similar, green features into new clubs we build in the future as part of our long-term strategy for reducing our company’s environmental impact,” he said.


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