Technogym launches “WELLNESS ON THE GO” to take your well-being with you anywhere/anytime |

Step into the future with “ Technogym Ecosystem and ARTIS® line” : the very first open platform technologically connected with a brand new” fully integrated cardio, strength and functional range for wellness lifestyle management” and new business model. 

Technogym launches a new era in the world of fitness and wellness. After the preview to top industry operators in Las Vegas (IHRSA 2013), Technogym presents WELLNESS ON THE GO, a revolutionary personalized experience allowing users to access to their training programs, training data track record, web bookmarks, apps and content on all Technogym equipment everywhere in the world at any time.

Each Technogym product is designed to offer a customized “ wellness on the go” experience, allowing users to log in and connect to their training programme on smartphone, tablet, my-wellness key, smart TV, PC.

Alongside the launch of the Wellness on the go concept, Technogym will introduce ARTIS a complete line of equipment for the gym of the future. ARTIS is the first collection of 30 products for cardio, strength and functional training which ensures the utmost in terms of design, bio-mechanical engineering, interactive technology and eco-sustainability.


Each piece of ARTIS is designed to be like a personal device belonging to each user. After the log-in on UNITY, ARTIS interactive console, each user will access to his own world: training programs, training data track record, web bookmarks, apps, social networks, etc.

UNITY is only the only console in the wellness and fitness field, fitted with a web cam allowing users to make video calls with their trainer of with their favourite contacts during training.

The entire ARTIS range is integrated in the Technogym-Ecosystem, the cloud computing platform, which allows to access to data and preferences from all over the world.


ARTIS is the only collection of environmentally friendly wellness equipment. Its unique patent pending technology enables to reduce, recycle and even renew energy.

Reduce : Run ARTIS reduces energy consumption by 30%, compared to best in class treadmills.

Recycle : Physical activity performed on ARTIS is recycled to power equipment displays (both in cardio and strength)

Renew : human energy produced during exercise is fed into the grid and used to power the gym. With ARTIS, gym members and operators alike can contribute to create a sustainable gym and a more sustainable planet.

In line with the Technogym mission of promoting wellness as a social opportunity for a better world, based on people’s health, Artis and the Technogym Ecosystem provide people with “Wellness on the go” anywhere and anytime: this is a great social opportunity to grow percentage of active individuals from 10% to 30%.


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