“Lead Generation”: Getting In Front of your Market & STAYING there | Jerrel Pickens Consulting


When you’re looking to get NEW Customers, Clients, OR Members, the best way to do it is to play the long-term game of attraction. You have to attract your ideal prospects into what you want to provide for them over a period of time. If you’re looking for business growth, understanding this is where you’ll either see no difference, or a substantial increase.

Some of what most business owners do is sit around and wait for business to come in or for their phone to ring (which is the absolute worst option). Others thrive basically off of referral customer, client, or patients as their income. The latter is great, but its only one part of the equation. And (heaven forbid) the economy goes down the tubes in the next couple of years, these business owners who rely on one strategy to bring in business have nothing to fall back on to supplement their income when things get tough.

law of attraction

Getting a new customer, client, or patient is one of the most expensive things you can do in business. Actually, it’s 4 to 7 times more expensive than just keeping one longer instead of going out and finding new ones. But if you’re ready to start attracting a higher amount and a better quality of prospects to grow your business, then listen up.

I’ve probably already covered somewhere on this blog about how prospects choose a provider when they’re shopping around in a marketplace.  They’re not thinking about your business specifically. Heck, they’re not thinking about you at all. When a prospect is in the early stages of buying, what they need/want is in the back of their minds. So when they see an advertisement that specifically gives part of that to them, which legitimately contributes to the want, need, or desire that they’re looking to quench…then you officially have a prospect turn into an interested lead, who is tuned into your business.

Whatever or wherever the value is in that you offer, is how you should market to your potential customers, clients, or patients through lead generation. If you’re a contractor you can give out a free report that helps them decide how to get around tricky, sketchy, unreliable contractors, if you’re a financial professional or accountant you can give out an audio on how to manage your finances in a certain area or save on taxes, or if you’re a lawyer you can give out a video or dvd on how to re-structure a will or tips on filing for bankruptcy.

The bottom line is that when your prospect sees what you have to offer, they may or may not be ready to do business with you that instant, but they eventually will be. The longer you keep sending them helpful information after they show interest, the higher the chances  you have of getting them as a paying customer, client, or patient. So when they are ready to buy, the only choice in their minds is a provider who has already given them something of value…which in turn creates attraction (for you if you do it).

Its best to have more than one way of incoming business for continued and increased cash flow for your company. And the most important part of generating hot leads who are interested in your business, is staying in front of them once you’ve reeled them in. That’s the name of the game. If you stop with their newsletter, e-newsletter, blog posts, videos, etc. they’ll simply tune out and may end up with another provider after you’ve done all the work on pre-selling them.

The fact is that most business owners only pay attention to the prospects who buy…and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the ones who don’t buy immediately. Well the truth is that 50% of people who’ve shown an interest in something buy within 18 months, and 15% of those prospects buy then and there. There’s a massive chunk (the majority) of the market share that doesn’t buy right away, who are being ignored. So let the systems you have or will set up in your business accommodate your new leads. Just paying attention and following up with prospects that are interested can make a HUGE difference.


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