“2014 Trends in Home Textiles” ; India Retail News | by: Dipali Goenka | ET Retail


Just 4 weeks away from the end of 2013, we are all increasingly curious to know what the year 2014 has in store for us.

Home Textiles, in the last few years, has become an industry to watch – color, styles, patterns, fashion !! While in the past home textiles followed the color trends in apparel, the industry has evolved its own fashion sensibilities.

As one of the leading manufacturers of home textiles globally, we are continuously working on developing trendy and innovative products. With a global footprint across nearly 50 countries, we are able to track the major trends across the globe.

The last few years have changed the landscape of textiles significantly, more so for the home textiles. Home textiles being high ticket items and discretionary in nature, we have been seeing consumers move away from trends to utilitarian, quality and affordable products. Welspun’s innovative and fashion products have been tailored specifically to meet these needs.

The home is an extension of you. Today, the average Indian also looks at her home as an area for self-expression and a statement of her personality and style. Self expression to some extent also means customization. Our brand, Spaces Home & Beyond, understands this need for self expression and provides unique styles and designs for the discerning consumer.

Color sets the tone for the bed or the bath room. Color has always played a major role in design trends. We expect this trend to continue. Solid colors have been the staple for home textiles globally. To this, we now see unique textures being added. Blends of yarns are being used and slubs introduced to these products.

For example, our polyester slub towels provide texture and fashion to a bath towel without impacting their absorbency and actually make them quick drying too.

Bold colors provide a pop to a basic product and add the fashion element to it. We use bold, bright colors with neon prints as accents. Trims in contrast colors will also be a mainstay for home. We have coupled this with our Spot Stop technology to ensure that colors remain fast and you have a lasting fashion story. Also, the accent products can be individually replaced to add variety to your home. Tangerine is the shade to watch in the coming year !!

Rich colors conveying luxury, have also been in demand. As consumers look for comfort and luxury at home, this trend is here to stay. This coupled with intricate prints (as in our Ruyal collection). Addition of embellishment and trims can make the look complete. Embellishment on decorative pillows, guest and finger tip towels is a trend that is likely to remain strong in 2014.

Bold prints remain in fashion in apparel and in home! Animal prints have been in trend for a while and are unlikely to fade away soon, along with panel prints for children. In 2014, we expect jacquard prints to also retain their popularity. They provide the luxury look at affordable prices. Long lasting softness in bed and bath products has been a much desired need of the consumer. We have seen a lot of manufacturers addressing these needs through various innovations.

Our own patented hollow core yarn, Hygrocotton, provides the softness and the towels get loftier wash after wash. We also used this yarn to produce bed-sheets that regulate temperature as you sleep providing a comfortable nights sleep.  Brushed cotton finishes are also in trend in bed-sheets.

Apart from cotton, Nylon remains the key fiber for floor coverings. As an alternative, we developed a polyester based fiber, Drylon which is now widely accepted globally as a soft and durable fiber for rugs. It is also fade resistant and offers the feature without any additional chemical treatment. We have worked on this success to develop the Resilon and Kushlon technologies are a blend of fiber and weaving techniques making our bath products softer and loftier. Our recent foray into floor coverings is built on the success of these technologies which provide durability and softness.

In colder regions of the world, the challenge has been to provide warmth without the weight of the comforters. Our Alfa Loft technology aims to deliver this to the consumer. Many anti-allergenic and anti-bed bug products are being developed across the globe. Health will remain a strong focus in the coming years. As consumers become more health-conscious, they are also willing to spend more to provide a healthy environment for their loved ones. Many such developments are in the works by different developers and may be patented in the future.  In all this, there is an emerging trend that is growing stronger year-on-year.

Natural, organic and eco-friendly products have also become stable and they are trends that will only become bigger. Products made of recycled paper and fabrics are also becoming increasingly popular. From pen holders to entire sheets made of re-cycled products, this is a trend to watch in future. Our own Cotton Naturals story is a range of products that provides wrinkle resistance for sheets without the use of any chemical treatment.

Home textiles manufacturers are becoming more environmentally and socially conscious. We are seeing increasing use of organic cotton and eco-friendly blends in products. Corporates and universities alike are investing in developing such products.  Product hand-crafted by some of the less privileged members of our society including tribals, women and under-privileged children are likely to grow. Welspun is leading trend in India by partnering with the children from Akanksha Foundation to help design our juvenile collection. Many projects are being undertaken to develop colored silk from the silk worms OR color cotton.

The home and home products today, provide us with an opportunity to make it a reflection of our styles and personalities. Different looks from classic to contemporary intermingle in the home textiles market. They also give us an opportunity to do so with an environmental and social consciousness.

What is also interesting to see is that while home decor has typically been the dominion of the women, we are increasingly seeing male influences. As we try to personalize our space and make our home our retreat, men are also influencing design trends and fashion in home decor. Solid color sheets and towels, basic stripes, check/ plaid, etc. are making a comeback.

Mixing-and-matching and layering help to make that personal statement about our lifestyles! Our homes are increasingly a reflection of ourselves. We are also keenly following any trends that will help us understand if mass customization is a fad or is a trend here to stay. As we work towards our product design for the Spring Summer 2014 season, we are working on bringing to you, this unique mix of color, weave, texture and design that blends with your personality.While design and color is an integral part of home textiles, the biggest trend emerging in the industry as a whole is the solutions based offering in the area. As a leader in home textiles, Welspun is leading this trend in innovation. 



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