“A cure for Health Ailments in Rural Areas”; an Innovative delivery model| by: Digbijay Mishra |Business Standard

The article discusses the story of  ” iKure “….a very interesting & Innovative Health-care delivery model, that is currently in it’s infancy…But could be the possible answer to many years of quest…of providing best of global standard, health-care services to the rural-India…similar to the one’s available to the Urban lot.

From a strategic fit & Innovation side….I find, there are certain ” Key Take-away’s within this read “…for our Healthcare Brands/companies (be it full-service Hospital chains OR niche Specialty Healthcare clinics/chains), that currently hold presence & provide services only within the urban centers of the country, but also aspire to penetrate /make their services accessable & affordable to Rural-India, aswel…which they could imbibe and integrate into their service-delivery model(s)…or further innovate on similar lines…that fits into their Brand/Service philosophy and business-operational economics…!!

– Murali Prasanna. 


” iKure “, which runs Rural Healthcare centres and makes software to record patient-data, has an innovative delivery model…

iKure runs rural health care centres in West Bengal. It also makes software that records patient data, footfalls, the treatment prescribed and the medicine inventory. iKure founder Santra admits he has always been inclined towards technology – from his first job at the National Remote Sensing Agency to working with IBM and Oracle in Bangalore.

According to the founder of a rural healthcare provider, tele-medicine isn’t suited for rural areas; also, it is capital-intensive and needs high-bandwidth lines. Doctors have to be available on a real-time basis. “So, remote answering seemed the best answer,” says Santra, who came up with the concept of STEP – the Science and Technology Entrepreneur Programme – at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kharagpur. The programme helps record patient data such as those relating to blood pressure, blood sugar and electrocardiogram, and sends these by wireless to a specialist at a city hospital.

A cure for health ailments in rural areas | Business Standard



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