“5 reasons” that make the “Moto G” a “game-changer smartphone” | by: Harshita Rastogi | BGR India

Apart from getting acquired by Lenovo, Motorola is in the limelight globally for its “Moto G” smartphone, which will finally hit Indian shores.

One of the highly anticipated smartphones, the Moto G simply offers everything – from the almost raw Android experience to a great form-factor, and a good set of specifications at a price much lower than competitive smartphones from tier one vendors. Motorola claims that the Moto G offers the same experience as a flagship phone at a third of the price. Here’s what makes the Moto G a true game changer in our opinion. 

1. Design : To begin with Motorola has ensured to give its phone a premium touch by adding a great form factor which is usually seen in the premium league smartphones. The company promises that the plastic chassis on this smartphone looks stylish and comes in a variety of cool colors, which indeed look pretty impressive. And to add on that, Motorola has added colorful shells to save it from daily wear and tear as well as add some more glam factor to the phone. Just like Nokia’s Lumia smartphones, Motorola has ensured that a mid-end smartphone does not have to look cheap. 

2. Waterproof body : The next in the Motorola’s claims list is the water repellent coating which would protect the phone from water spill related damages. The company has used a special nano-coating to prevent water from damaging the phone. While water resistance is not exactly a new thing even in the mid-end range (remember the Sony Xperia Go and the Moto Defy), the Moto G is probably the first phone in this segment the does not look dorky and the coating is not just on the exterior but also include the interiors of the phone. 

3. Almost stock Android : Another selling point for the Moto G is that it runs on what you can say as an almost-stock version of Android, which is rare in this category of phone. So apart from a very few tweaks, you will actually be able to experience the Android version running on this phone in its raw form. Though we are yet uncertain if this phone would be launched with Android 4.4 Kitkat out-of-the-box or instead be running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. But what we know is that KitKat is already available for the phone.

If that is not good enough, at its global launch Motorola had ensured to release the latest software updates on the phone at the earliest after there announcement. And even though Motorola is no longer a part of the Google’s kingdom, we are hoping to receive a ‘guaranteed upgrade’ on the phone in future.

4. Battery backup : The Moto G houses a 2,070mAh battery, which the company promises would easily last a day or for up to 24 hours on mixed usage. If proven true, this will again be one of the USP of the smartphone.

5. Affordability : The Moto G has been introduced as an affordable substitute for other smartphones in the mid-range segment where others top players have been lagging behind. The company has introduced the phone at a ridiculously low point globally, and we expect it to be priced around Rs 15,000 in India. 


Having said that, we look forward to know more about the phone when it gets launched in India in a few hours…also, that Motorola has decided to sell the Moto G phones through an dominant e-commerce brand here in India, by providing this e-comm player an exclusive license to sell the Moto G vide its e-comm portal and also this product will not be available through any Brick & Mortar Retail format / channel in India…..

WILL IT REALLY BE THE GAME-CHANGING SMARTPHONE ??……..need to wait & watch this interesting turn, in the Smartphone category landscape of the region…if Moto G will disrupt OR redefine this category…………….MP.


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