“Employee Engagement Facts”: What constitutes a good “Employee Recognition Programme?”| BI WORLDWIDE

” Employee Recognition Programmes” are the key to engagement and motivationIn fact, a well-developed programme, with the correct communications to support it, will help employees feel valued by the business, improving productivity and most importantly reducing attrition. 

How do you engage employees and, more importantly, keep them engaged..? 

The start point for any Reward and Recognition (R&R) Programme is communication. The effectiveness of this communication is paramount to a programme’s success.

The Current Scenario:

In a recent Gallup survey conducted for employees, it was found that about 67% of the 42,000 employees randomly selected, were below the level of disengagement. Employees that are disengaged on an average take about 6.19 sick days per year compared to 2.69 days taken by employees that are engaged in their work, causing a massive hindrance to business growth. It was also revealed that disengaged managers are 3 times more likely to have disengaged subordinates.

Infographic - Employee Engagement

Why Employee Engagement :

The simplest reason is because engaged employees are more productive. When employees know that their effort is being rewarded with more than just a salary, their value contribution towards the organisation will directly increase. It is also seen in many cases that along with the passion to work, comes the willingness to recommend their employers to others. An overall sense of satisfaction is achieved that ensures employee fulfilment and retention.

Companies are able to understand that Employee Engagement is a crucial factor in business success.

Yet, over 75% of the Business Leaders ” Do NOT “ have an Action Plan OR Strategy to implement this…!! 


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