“There are 450 Strategic Platforms”; which one “works with your Business-Model?”| Leaders Laboratory

Of the 450 Strategic-platforms…,Which one do I pick for my company ??  Which one works with my Business-Model??  Which one works with the Skill-Level of my Employees ?? Which one will get me Where I want to Go ?? “

All are questions I should never stop asking…yet I can’t investigate every Strategic-Model, I don’t have TIME to test every One of them…to see which one will work….Even after I select a model, how do I measure its effectiveness ??

The “model I select” should have the following considerations :

  • What is the Life-cycle of my company ?
  • What is the Life-cycle of my products/services ?
  • Which one works with my Business-Model ?
  • What am I trying to Accomplish ?
  • What is the Maturity-Level of my Employees ?
  • How well does my Executive-Team work together ?
  • Do I have a Mix of Generations on my Team and in my Company ?
  • What does my Strategic-Canvas Look like ?

Strategy isn’t just about the Right Product at the Right Time to the Right People…It’s about Leveraging and maximizing my Resources..” Pace, Rhythm, and Alignment of your organization” so it runs like a finely tuned-automobile.

How your team manages through turbulence is the sign of a High-Performing Team.  This is why it is essential the team prepare the strategic-plan together and evaluate for adjustments on a quarterly basis…The variables used to create the strategic-plan come from the team, not from an outside industry expert, from you..

Which of the 450…will get me where I’m trying to go ??  Depends on the Resources available to me.  I know the job of the best CEO’s is to find the best resources I can afford, ” when I need them “ and ” Not “ sooner.

I use the following Checker-Board (above exhibit) to help me determine the strategy that will best assist me in making my Next moves for Growth.

Where and how to best use my time and money to grow my company depends on how I answer the above list of questions ??

Leadership, systems and structure, and market dynamics do not require the same level of resource focus at the same time… If I did focus on all at the same time the energy would be wasted, not all levels can or need to grow at the same time.

Knowing when to apply the right resources at the right time is the key to leveraged growth…A high-performing Executive Team will provide the right feedback at the quarterly strategy-meetings to help “determine where the greatest focus should be applied in order to move the needle with the least amount of effort” – yet, effort is required in order to move the needlebut how much ??……Get thinking…!!


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