How will Narendra Modi ” Transform Indian Economy ” & the “FIVE Leadership Challenges” for him | The Economic Times

To All my Friends, Thought-Leaders & Acquaintances, from the Indian & Global Investment and Business community.. Would request your participation in addressing the following set of questions :

For the First – time since 1984, the people of India across spectrum (north-south & east-west) have vested their trust in Narendra Modi as their next PM, to bring-about the ” Change “ in the country’s well-being (economic & social)..!!

The stock-markets are Euphoric & Indian currency (INR) is gaining every day against the USD & other global currencies…which most of the Equity & Capital market Experts / Participants/Observers & Business-Leaders believe.. this is beginning of a long multi-year Bull-Market…and are Upbeat & Overweight on India, for Investment opportunities into India,as against other EMs (be it BRICS or MINT nations) …as endorsed by our very own Indian version of Warren Buffet…Rakesh Jhunjhunwala….whats your reading on this ??

Question is,will he stand-up to this aspirational quest, the people of India are looking-forward to ??  How the new PM (Prime Minister) can transform the Indian Economy in Next 100 days to 6 months , that was low on Growth-sentiments ??  What are the low-hanging fruits/areas, that he could pursue/capitalise upon, as of immediate to display his commitment, while accelerating & instill, confidence in the people’s choice and mandate handed-over to the new-government ??

How do you all, see things stacking-up ?? Please Share your views/comments…appreciate your participation & time..!!

The five leadership challenges for Narendra Modi:Spend Inc:Shubham Mukherjee’s blog-The Economic Times.