Helping “Customers find you”, Through a “Content-Marketing Plan”: “Inbound Marketing” perspective| by: Martin Harshberger | #BottomLine coach

In today’s saturated #MarketingEnvironment”, it’s getting more difficult to Gain & Hold your #ProspectiveBuyer’s Attention….!! While the Internet has become the standard for Research and Information on products & services, it doesn’t work very well unless you are in the top 10 of search rankings…!!

The issue becomes how do you get your website to rank-higher with all of the competition ??…Search Engine Optimization (SEO) alone is not enough, Unless you are one a a very few websites in the world trying to sell your product, SEO alone won’t do it..?

Why ?? Because most websites are static…They are designed to look great, have 10 or 12 pages telling the world what you do, and that’s it. Google search rankings love fresh relevant content, that is upgraded on a regular basis. Your static website is lost in the noise….!!

A sound #ContentMarketingPlan, is an ongoing process !!….You put valuable relevant content in the form of articles, blog posts, or comments on social media that your prospective buyer finds interesting or helpful and they find you..!!!

inbound marketing funnel

You become the #SubjectMatterExpert, in your field helping them better understand their needs.., what options are available, and why your product or service best meets their needs…!!

But you can’t start building your pitch about why your new “widget” is, the best thing on the market until you understand the reasons why people buy widgets…??

Here are some questions to ponder about your Potential Future-customers :

  • What are they trying to achieve by purchasing this item or service ?
  • What problem are they trying to solve, or what benefits do they want to gain ?
  • How would they prefer this item or service delivered ?
  • How will this item or service be utilized to help them achieve their goals ?
  • How can your item or service provide better value than the competition ?

The tough-part is convincing your prospects to agree with you that your widgets are the best… Too many websites simply state what the company does or what products they offer…!!

There may be statements about the company, how long it’s been in business, some bio info on the management team. and that’s it. It’s hard for your prospect to decide on that information, you look pretty much like everyone else..

Relevant content is the key…If you convince your prospect that you understand their wants or needs better than your competition, and through this understanding your product has the most benefit to them, you have won the battle..

This is getting more difficult because in the age of the Internet, traditional marketing mediums such as radio, TV, print advertisements and celebrity statements are becoming less effective..

That can, however, be good news for small and mid-size companies as the web has leveled the playing field….Formerly, only big companies could afford to buy influential testimonials and frequent advertising.

Today, however, blogs, online forums and other web-based marketing are the great equalizers…Take any product and search it online….You will find several comments indicating the marketplace perception of that brand…The customer is now the marketer instead of (or in addition to being) the one being marketed to …!!

By Employing #OnlineMarketing techniques strategically, you can make a big-splash on a limited budget….With the rise of #SocialMedia, ingenuity is becoming more important than dollars..

And it’s been proven that consumers respond better to Engaging Dialogue than to expensive broadcasting…This type of marketing has come to be known as “#InboundMarketing”…!!

Effective inbound-marketing provides enough useful information to your prospective customer base that they seek you out…Your company becomes the recognized expert in your field…

Inbound-Marketing is welcome marketing, providing free, useful information about a potential customer’s issue and then offering great solutions…!! Traditional marketing is often viewed as invasive, focused on price or product features, distributed to a mass audience, hoping some of the noise finds its mark…!!

Now with the never-ending array of TV commercials, emails and print ads, you need to find a way of reaching your customer that isn’t “lost in the noise ”..!!

Having them seek you out is by far the best return on your investment….!! You may have less traffic to your website or office, but the traffic you do receive will be much better qualified and knowledgeable about your product or service..


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